Proceedings of IOBC wprs Symposium, Dachau 1998

Scents in Orchards -
Plant and Insect Semiochemicals from Orchard Environments

IOBC wprs Bulletin Vol 22(9), 1999 - copies
Witzgall P & El-Sayed A (eds)

Insect Semiochemicals
Plant Volatile Compounds
Mating Disruption

Papers printed in IOBC wprs Bulletin Vol 22(9), 1999
and Titles of lectures held at Dachau

Insect Semiochemicals - IOBC wprs Bulletin 22(9), 2000

Schneider D: Insect pheromone research: some history and 45 years of personal recollections - PDF

Krokos FD, Konstantopoulou MA, Mazomenos BE: Chemicals involved in the mating process of the almond seed wasp Eurytoma amygdali

Boevé J-L: Chemical ecology of the European apple sawfly, Hoplocampa testudinea

Víctor Casaña-Giner and Jaime Primo-Millo: Identification of volatiles from Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) (Diptera: Tephritidae) by means of thermal desorption of solid samples coupled to GC-MS

Voigt E: Observations on the flight activity of codling moth, Cydia pomonella

Boo KS, Kang SS, Park JH, Pickett JA, Wadhams LJ: Field trapping of lacewings with aphid pheromones

Pop L, Arn H, Oprean I, Rauscher S, Chis V, Szabo A: Pheromone analogues with ether structure: a preliminary report

Coracini MDA, Reckziegel A, Bengtsson M, Löfqvist J, Eiras AE, Vilela EF, Witzgall P: Sex pheromone of the Brazilian apple leafroller, Bonagota cranaodes (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae): effect of geometric isomers on male attraction to (E,Z)-3,5-dodecadienyl acetate

Gödde J, Arn H, El-Sayed A: The pheromone sprayer: new technology in stimulus application

Witzgall P, Bengtsson M, El-Sayed A, Bäckman A-C, Rauscher S, Unelius CR, Löfqvist J: Chemical communication in codling moth


Unpublished Paper

Jeroen J.N. van den Boezem: Pheromones of Dichrorampha species


Heinrich Arn: Reflexions on the Pherolist

Charles Descoins: Pheromone registration in Europe

Andrew K.A. Evans: Enhancing natural control of pests by earwigs

Robert Heath: Field evaluation of female-targeted trapping systems for Ceratitis capitata (Diptera: Tephritidae)

Peter E. A. Teal: Physiological approaches to improvement of mating efficacy in sterilized males of tephritid fruit flies

Miklós Tóth: Trapping scarab beetles (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae, Melolonthinae): tests on orchard pests in Hungary

Gabor Szöcs: Winter "Love Story"... of Geometrids

Iain Weatherston: Semiochemical regulation in North America - current status and future expectations


Plant Volatile Compounds - IOBC wprs Bulletin 22(9), 2000

Dorn S, Hern A: Herbivore-induced volatiles in the apple orchard ecosystem

Natale D, Mattiacci L, Pasqualini E, Dorn S: Investigations in the relationship between Cydia molesta (Lepid., Tortricidae) and its main host plant



Terry E. Acree: Flavor as human chemical ecology

Peter J. Landolt: Plant odorants in phytophagous insect host finding and host selection

Florian Paul Schiestl: Sex pheromone mimicry in Ophrys sphegodes (Orchidaceae): odor compounds that elicit mating behavior in the pollinator males

Wendell Roelofs: Host-plant odor discrimination among Rhagoletis flies


Mating Disruption - IOBC wprs Bulletin 22(9), 2000

Schmidt-Tiedemann A, Louis F, Fukumoto T, Zebitz CPW, Arn H: Mating disruption tests to control Sparganothis pilleriana (Schiff.) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

Angeli G, Rama F, Forti D, Dalla Montà L, Bellinazzo S: Control of Cydia pomonella in walnuts by mating disruption

Mazomenos BE, Stefanou D, Pantazi-Mazomenou A: Small plot mating disruption trials: effect of various pheromone doses dispensed per hectare on male Prays oleae trap catches and fruit damage

Il'ichev AL, Hossain MS, Jerie PH: Application of wide area mating disruption for control of Oriental fruit moth Grapholita molesta Busck. (Lepidoptera; Tortricidae) in Victoria, Australia

Haniotakis GE, Koutroubas A, Sachinoglou A, Lahlou A: Studies on the response of the leopard moth, Zeuzera pyrina L. (Lepidoptera:Cossidae) to pheromones in apple orchards

Pasqualini E, Natale D: Zeuzera pyrina and Cossus cossus (Lepidoptera, Cossidae) control by pheromones: four years advances in Italy

Zuber M: On the increase of mating disruption in arboriculture and viticulture in Switzerland, 1996­1998



Cláudia Sofia Batalha Neto: Mass-trapping method and population dynamics of Zeuzera pyrina in pear orchards in the Oeste region

Ring Cardé: Mating disruption in the pink bollworm: Insight into mechanisms of mating disruption using field wind tunnels

Takehiko Fukumoto The difficulties of mating disruption technique with pheromone for control of Lepidopteran insects

Uwe T. Koch: Results of pheromone concentration measurements by field EAG in apple orchards and vineyards

RF Faria da Luz: Results about mating disruption of Cydia pomonella in pear orchards

Agenor Mafra-Neto: Responses of pink bollworm males to high-dose pheromone sources in cotton fields

Douglas G. Pfeiffer: Mating disruption using tortricid pheromone blends: Efficacy and effects on the arthropod community

Sridhar Polavarapu: Mating disruption of the Sparganothis fruitworm, Sparganothis sulfureana (Clemens) (Lepidoptera:Tortricidae) with the major sex pheromone component in cranberries

Robert M. Trimble: Sprayable pheromone for controlling the North American grape berry moth, Endopiza viteana (Clemens) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) by mating disruption

Jan de Vlieger: Versatile controlled release dispenser for mating disruption with pheromone


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