Proceedings of IOBC wprs Working Group Meeting, Hohenheim 1999

Pheromones for Insect Control in Orchards and Vineyards

IOBC wprs Bulletin Vol 24(2), 2001
Witzgall P (ed)

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Mating Disruption in Orchards
Mating Disruption in Vineyards
Other Topics

Detection and Monitoring

Rauscher R, Arn H - Reproducibility and shelf-life of pheromone lures [pdf]

Svatos A, Kalinová B, Hoskovec M, Kindl J, Hovorka O, Hrdy I - Identification of Cameraria ohridella sex pheromone and its possible use in horse chestnut protection [pdf]

Mating Disruption in Orchards

Albert R - The use of the pheromone mating disruption method against fruit moths in private allotments [pdf]

Charmillot P-J, Pasquier D - Essai préliminaire de lutte par confusion contre la cochylis Eupoecilia ambiguella et le carpocapse Cydia pomonella au moyen des micro-capsules 3M [pdf]

Hapke C, Kirchert J, Dickler E, Zebitz CPW - Combination of pheromone and an additive for the control of codling moth, Cydia pomonella [pdf]

Hepdurgun B, Zümreoglu A, Demir ST, AydnIbis M - Early studies on mating disruption technique of codling moth, Cydia pomonella, in the Aegean Region, Turkey [pdf]

Kirchert J, Hapke C, Dickler E - Can additives to pheromone enhance their efficiency in mating disrup-tion of codling moth? [pdf]

Koch U, Witzgall P - EAG-Measurement of pheromone concentrations in apple orchards treated for mating disruption of Cydia pomonella [pdf]

Thomson D, Brunner J, Gut L, Judd G, Knight A - Ten years implementing codling moth mating disruption in the orchards of Washington and British Columbia: starting right and managing for success! [pdf]

Zingg D - Mating disruption in Switzerland [pdf]

Mating Disruption in Vineyards

Kast WK - Twelve years of practical experience using mating disruption against Eupoecilia ambiguella and Lobesia botrana in vineyards of the Wuerttemberg region, Germany [pdf]

Louis F, Schirra K-J - Mating disruption of Lobesia botrana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in vineyards with very high population densities [pdf]

Schmidt-Tiedemann A, Louis F, Zebitz CPW, Arn A - Successful control of Sparganothis pilleriana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) by mating disruption - Conclusions from a three-year study [pdf]

Varner M, Lucin R, Mattedi L, Forno F - Experience with mating disruption technique to control grape berry moth, Lobesia botrana, in Trentino [pdf]

Other Topics

Ebbinghaus D, Lösel PM, Romeis J, Cianciulli-Teller MG, Leusch H, Olszak R, Pluciennik Z, Scherkenbeck J - Appeal: efficacy and mode of action of attract and kill for codling moth control [pdf]

de Vlieger JJ - Development of a sprayable slow-release formulation for the sex pheromone of the Mediterranean Corn Borer, Sesamia nonagroides [pdf]

Witzgall P - Pheromones - future techniques for insect control? [pdf]


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