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Working Group Meeting - The Scanian Journey, September 9-14, 2007

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Ingrid Mårtensson
Peter Witzgall


Peter Witzgall
SLU, Box 44
Chemical Ecology Group
SE-23053 Alnarp


This conference is to celebrate the 300th anniversary of Carl Linnaeus. A special emphasis is placed on plant signals, above and belowground.

Insect olfactory space. Plants release hundreds of volatiles, the headspace of individual plants changes during phenological development and in response to abiotic and biotic stress. Volatiles from neighboring plants intermix, and the aroma of different species is composed of partly the same compounds. Most insects require particular plants of specific age and physiological state as food sources, mating and oviposition sites. How do insects make sense of noisy multidimensional plant signals to find suitable hosts?

Underground chemical communication is another current frontier in biology. Roots contribute to the production of secondary metabolites in the whole plant, and release compounds into the soil, that have various protective and ecological functions. Many subterranean herbivores, including insects or nematodes, depend entirely on root exudates to locate their hosts. There is ample evidence for odor-mediated host recognition, but the attractant cues remain unknown.

Safeguarding insect control with semiochemicals. Chemical ecology research makes a vital contribution to insect control. Behavior-modifying chemicals have become an integrated part of most plant protection programs in industrialized countries. Their use is now rapidly expanding in threshold countries.


The meeting will be held in and around Lund, a historic university town known for its charming ambience. Lund is conveniently close to Copenhagen airport, a train ride across the Oresund.

Sightseeing Scania. Sessions will be held at different places around Lund, following the Scanian journey of Carl Linne. The conference fee of 370 EUR includes transport and meals. Accompanying persons can join the tour.

Accomodation. The web greatly facilitates hotel bookings and we therefore encourage you to book rooms by yourself. Some hotels are listed below. If you need assistance, you are welcome to contact us.

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